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Granite is unique,beautiful and durable material,which has many adavantages leading to beapplied in different areas,like plaza,railway,garden,hotel or house¡­

1.Granite has a strong corrosion resistance, so it is widely used in reserve ductility chemical corrosive substances.

2.Being hardest of materials, just because of its superior hardness and granite also preservevery good abrasion resistance and thermal stability. Not easy to scratch, not afraid of high temperature. Quite suitable for outdoors.Meanwhile,granite has very low water absorption,can be made as products for kitchen,bathroom and garden.

3.Granite usually contains other minerals, such as mica and hornblende, and presents a variety of colors, including black, white,grey,brown, green, red, pink,purple,blue, ect.

In addition,granite is high-effective material,several types of surfaces,polished, matte, flamed, bushammered, leather and sandblasted,more than these.Hence,granite is an ideal building material to be chosen.

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